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EnVal: Germany turning the hour glass for the Coal Transition Plan

As we reported in the June EnVal, the German Energy Ministry’s “Special Commission on Growth, Structural Economic Change and Employment” – or the Coal Commission — was tasked to devise a gradual coal exit plan to be presented before the UNFCCC Conference in Katowice (COP24), taking place at the beginning of December. At the end of November, however, the […]

EnVal: Gazprom’s Nord Stream 2 faces ‘big-freeze’ in Switzerland

In May 2018, Naftogaz of Ukraine initiated enforcement proceedings to recover the $2.6 billion debt from Russia’s Gazprom, as per the 22 December 2017 and 28 February 2018 final awards of the Stockholm Arbitration Tribunal. As Gazprom has refused to comply with the final arbitral awards, enforcement proceedings under Article 5 of the New York Convention […]

EnVal: Gas transit chess in Transnistria

Gas transit chess in Transnistria Gazprom vice-president Valerii Golubev had a closed-door meeting on September 26 with representatives of the separatist, unrecognized ‘regime’ in Transnistria, including with its self-declared leader Vadim Krasnoselski. The high-ranking representative of Gazprom praised the 25 year-long collaboration with Transnistria, which he considered to be a ‘serious partner’, particularly with regard […]

EnergyValue – New Addition: The EnVal Desk

So far, you have enjoyed our EnVal Analysis – our take on energy geopolitics in Europe, focusing on Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans. We thought you would appreciate to see some relevant news that guide our analytical thought – they may be valuable to you, too. So, here’s our addition: EnVal Desk.  Feel free […]

EnVal: Concrete Energy Storage (and the Balkans, Poland…)

During the last two weeks, a key geopolitical event appears to take shape: the border between Kosovo and Serbia may be changed. If confirmed, this will influence not only Balkans geopolitics, but may also re-shape energy infrastructure in the region. Meanwhile, our tech story for the past month is…something rather surprising: ‘concrete’ energy storage. We […]

EnVal: The Azeri exception for the Iranian sanctions explained

This is a recap of the EnVal, along with what we consider to be the highlight of energy geopolitics during the first two weeks of August. If you would like to receive the Enval in your inbox, every two weeks, please register your email here. The U.S. confirms its interest and support for Azerbaijan becoming […]

EnVal: Moldova – diminishing dependence on Russian energy

With the summer slowly coming down on us and the energy sector both, here are the several trends evolving during the last half of July. First, we have noticed Moldova proving the will to slowly move towards decreasing its energy dependency to Russia. This seems to mark a strategic shift, considering the political tensions Chisinau […]

EnVal: Offshore Quarrels in Romania

Two strategic matters have gotten our attention in our last EnVal. First, at the global level, there is the Helsinki Summit on July 16 where energy matters standing at the core of the talks between the U.S. and Russia prove the two countries are not adversaries. They are merely competitors and sometimes they partner with […]