What we do

Our advisory services focus on driving a better understanding of the complex business environments in which our clients – both public and private entities – operate, so they may effectively address issues that are critical for their operations. Our experts offer strategic advice on key issues related to the latest developments in the regional and European energy sector, support M&A transactions or advise on entering or exiting specific markets.

We are a small size consultancy firm, providing a more personalized, focused and responsive experience for our clients and customers. Our expertise in the regional energy sector, combined with a deep understanding of the development of the EU energy sector, allows GIC to offer a balanced and clear-eyed perspective on the future of energy markets.

With the support of our Brussel-based office, we make available valuable insights on EU affairs, particularly on the evolution of the European strategies and the relevant legislation with an impact on the business environment in which energy actors run. Our experts aid in building tailored strategies to address future pressing challenges, including those imposed by the long term decarbonization goals.

We offer bespoke technical assessments and conduct complex technical due diligence processes to evaluate the performance of operational or ready to build renewable energy capacities (wind and solar parks included). Our experts support various developers of renewable energy projects in the region to identify suitable investors and negotiate transaction terms.

With deep knowledge of European affairs and regional energy matters, we assist public authorities on the correct implementation of the EU legislation, evaluating regulatory barriers and designing adequate mitigation measures, designing support schemes to foster investments in the modernisation of the sector or implementing long term decarbonisation plans.

While based in Bucharest, Romania, we deliver projects throughout the Central and Eastern Europe, delivering high quality services to several major clients in the energy sector, across a variety of projects.