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Who we are

Our team of experts brings to the table exquisite professional expertise acquired while working at the top echelons of the Romanian public administration in the field of energy, international trade, and Foreign Direct Investments, especially in relation to Public-Private Partnerships and privatization processes.

GIC experts and selected partners spent years working with the European Institutions, possessing a deep understanding of EU affairs and complex negotiations surrounding the adoption of European legislation.

We are a group of professionals equipped with the knowledge to provide our clients with innovative and pragmatic solutions to fit their specific requirements and support future business growth.


A sample of what we do.

What we do

Our advisory services focus on driving a better understanding of the complex business environments in which our clients – both public and private entities – operate, so they may effectively address issues that are critical for their operations. Our experts offer strategic advice on key issues related to the latest developments in the regional and European energy sector, support M&A transactions or advise on entering or exiting specific markets.

We are a small size consultancy firm, providing a more personalized, focused and responsive experience for our clients and customers. Our expertise in the regional energy sector, combined with a deep understanding of the development of the EU energy sector, allows GIC to offer a balanced and clear-eyed perspective on the future of energy markets.

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We are proud of

Romania’s 160+ years of tradition in the oil & gas sector and several world premieres: first petroleum production officially registered in the international statistics – 1857, the world’s first refinery – Ploiești 1857, the world’s first city with streets illuminated by kerosene – Bucharest 1857, Europe’s first city with streets illuminated by electric light – Timișoara 1884, Europe’s first steel pipeline for the transport of natural gas – 1914.


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